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Air Conditioning Inspections

What is an Air Conditioning Inspection ?

Following recent EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), it is now a legal requirement for air conditioning systems to be regularly inspected by an accredited air conditioning inspector. Air conditioning inspections will provide building owners with information about the condition and operating performance of their system, and identify opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy and money. The output of the inspection will be a report highlighting measures which, if adopted, will have the potential to save energy and money within a reasonable payback period. Air condition reports will remain valid for 5 years, after which the system will require a new inspection.

When will the regulations apply ?

First inspection of all existing systems over 250kw cooling capacity completed by 4 January 2009.

First inspection of all existing systems over 12kw completed by 4 January 2011.

New systems over 12kw installed after January 2008 must be inspected within 5 years of being put into service.

Who is responsible for ensuring Air Conditioning Inspections are carried out?

If you control the operation of an air-conditioning system affected by these regulations, it is your responsibility to:

Ensure an inspection has been carried out in accordance with the requirements and timetable of the regulations.

Keep the most recent air conditioning report made by an air conditioning inspector.

Give any inspection report kept by you to any person taking over your responsibilities with respect to the control of the air-conditioning system.

What does an air conditioning inspection cover?

The inspection consists of examination of the following where applicable:

  • System documentation
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Heat rejection equipment
  • Waterborne cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Air handling units and ductwork
  • Outdoor inlets
  • System controls


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