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Design, installation and servicing of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

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What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning is the only satisfactory way of creating a comfortable working environment. It’s a fully effective way of controlling the atmosphere in buildings - for both temperature and humidity.

Switching on a fan, opening a door or window, installing an extractor system - all generate air movement to a greater or lesser extent, but they cannot guarantee the degree of cooling and reduction of humidity that is desirable.

Only air conditioning will solve the problem - heating or cooling as required, keeping down humidity and purifying the air. Only air conditioning does this continually and automatically to create the ideal controlled atmosphere.

How does it work ?

A wide range of air-conditioning equipment satisfies differing needs of individual buildings by:

  • extracting stale air to remove dust and passing it over a cooling coil to lower the temperature to a pre-selected level and remove moisture.
  • finally returning the conditioned air to the room.

And when heating is required the use of a HEAT PUMP in the air conditioning system enables heat to be taken from the air outside the building and deployed inside.

From every unit of electricity consumed by the heat pump, four units of useful heat are produced, substantially reducing heating costs.

Who needs it

If your answer is YES to any of the following questions then you have a problem which air conditioning can solve.

Does your indoor temperature vary from day to day or season to season?

Does the air in your premises ever get unpleasantly warm and humid or feel stuffy; do cooking, tobacco or other smells tend to linger?

Do you need to open windows or doors to let in fresh air?

Do you suffer from draughts, hot or cold spots, noise and dirt from outside the building?

Do you need to use fans for circulation or extraction?


We can supply any equipment marketed in the UK, the following manufacturers represent some of the best available and all supply units as above, mainly as Inverter Heat Pumps or in Heat Pump versions.

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