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Design, installation and servicing of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

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air conditioning maintenance
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Who Benefits from Air Conditioning ?

YOUR STAFF No one can work at peak efficiency if they are too hot or too cold, in a stuffy atmosphere or irritated by smells or draughts.

An air-conditioned climate provides optimum working conditions that encourage staff to give their best because they feel at their best.

YOUR CUSTOMERS Physical discomfort is a deterrent that often operates below the threshold of awareness.

A customer in a shop who is hot and stuffy may not openly complain, but is less likely to purchase and less likely to return.

Customers in an air-conditioned environment often translate their favourable impressions into larger purchased, longer and more frequent visits.

YOUR PREMISES An air-conditioned system continually extracts airborne dust and dirt, removing them from the atmosphere before they have time to settle on goods and furniture.

Similarly, odours are quickly carried away to keep the air fresher, cleaner and more attractive thereby reducing cleaning bills.

Typical premises benefiting from air conditioning include:

Offices Shops Clubs & Pubs Restaurants & Bars Board Rooms Computer Rooms & Clean Areas Hotels Theatres Private Homes Clinics/Health Centres.


We can supply any equipment marketed in the UK, the following manufacturers represent some of the best available and all supply units as above, mainly as Inverter Heat Pumps or in Heat Pump versions.

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