Design, installation and servicing of air conditioning and heat pump systems.


Design, installation and servicing of air conditioning and heat pump systems.


Design, installation and servicing of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Air Conditioning Systems

All systems supplied by Delta Air Conditioning are Inverter Heat Pump systems and we supply equipment from all the major manufacturers, ranging from a single system for a small room to a purpose designed and built central plant system for a whole building.

The different types of systems available are;

Mobile / Portable air conditioners

These vary in shape and size, they can be a one unit, which has a flexible hose discharging to atmosphere or a two part system connected by flexible pipe work, on which the condensing section has to be located outside of the room that needs cooling.

Packaged room air conditioners

This is a single unit that is built into the wall or window glazing.

Split system air conditioners

These are a two part system in which the Indoor unit can be wall, floor, ceiling mounted or ducted and is connected to one Outdoor unit by insulated copper pipe work, which depending upon the output of the system can be anything from 10 to 70 metres in length.

Multi-type Split system air conditioners

This is a variation of the split system in that several Indoor units can be connected to one Outdoor unit.

Central systems – VRV or VRF system

This a major variation up the Multi split system in that over a 100 Indoor units can be connected to one Outdoor modual and the total pipe length can be up to 200 metres.

Ducted air handling system

The main cooling unit, which can be split or packaged, is mounted remotely from the areas being conditioned, i.e. plant room or roof top and the conditioned air is ducted to the required areas.

The above systems are all supplied with hand held infrared remote controls or wired wall mounted controllers, which can be used to select room temperature, Heating or Cooling and fan speed, with most having the option of 24/7 timer controls. Subject to ongoing Maintenance all the manufactures listed above provide at least a three year parts warranty on their equipment, with a five to seven year warranty option on some.

Air Conditioning Heat Pumps

Inverter and Fixed Speed

How do they work?

It’s actually quite simple. Air conditioners work in much the same way as your refrigerator except there are two separate, but integral, parts to the system. There is an outside unit housing the compressor that is similar to the exterior back of your fridge. It draws warmth from the outside air in even the coldest of weather. That warmth is then transferred inside the home using a refrigerant process through a piping system powered by an indoor fan unit that is typically mounted to the wall. This is why the system is also often referred to as a heat pump rather then air conditioning. Both are in fact the same. Similarly, in summer, the reverse happens. Warm air is drawn from the interior room and expelled by the outside unit.

Heat Pumps are capable of transferring up to 4kW of heat into a space while only consuming 1kW of electrical energy. The energy efficiency of a heat pump will decreases as the temperature difference between inside and outside becomes greater, even at low temperatures a heat pump can provide 3 times as much heat as a normal electric space heater would provide with the same amount of electricity input. This makes Heat pumps extremely energy efficient.

Inverter System or Fixed Speed System? What is a Fixed Speed Split System?

This system only has a single speed compressor motor that is either on or off.

It works similar to a fan heater that switches off when the desired temperature is reached and on again when the temperature drops to a set level.

What does Inverter Mean?

Inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor motor similar to a car. It simply slows down and speeds up as needed to hold a selected comfort setting.

Inverter technology provides a more precise room temperature without the temperature fluctuations of fixed speed systems. It speeds up or slows down to match the heat loss from the space to be heated ensuring it is only putting in the same amount of heat that the space is losing.

Inverter vs Fixed Speed:

Inverter Systems are Approximately 30% more efficient than fixed speed systems.

Inverter systems reach desired room temperature quicker.

The speed control of the outdoor unit also means quieter operation, this is important especially at night in residential areas.

Air Conditioner Manufacturers